Show me!

What does it mean to walk by Faith?

As the Bible says in James 2:14-24, “You say you have faith? Show me.”

In the blog, “Show Me” I will take several scriptures and use the “show me” application to make God’s Word practical in everyday life. These will not be exhaustive. Whole books could be penned on each scenario, but this will hopefully spark your faith, make it real, practical and doable.

How to Start

Turn your eyes off your situation and fix them on God.
Phil 4:4 says, “The Lord is near, so don’t be anxious.”

Recognize who God is and know that He is near.
He is with you He will never leave you.
Worship, Praise Him first.

Next – ask His Spirit to fill and control you.

We can grit our teeth and “be kind” to mean people as Jesus told us in Matt. 5:44. But he gave us a better way. He gave us His Spirit to fill us. So as you apply scripture to your life, ask The Spirit of Christ to fill you and enable you to obey.

We need a clean heart.

You don’t want to drink a cool clean glass of water out of a cup that you poured old bacon grease in do you? First you must clean the cup, then fill it up with fresh water.

In the same way ask God to cleanse your heart from any forgiveness, anger, frustration, pride…_____________fill in the blank of whatever you must confess, then ask His Spirit to fill you and control you.

Spirit of God does not just want to help you. He wants to do it through you.

Imagine you are a glove and let Him fill you.

Give your mind over, let your thoughts become his thoughts.

So instead of thinking, “That person is an idiot.” Let God’s thoughts take over—“That person is made in the image of God and they are reacting out of hurt and anger. They need the love of Christ.

Let your hands be His hands: Help those in need. Reach out to the hurting.
Let your words be His words: Speak kindly to those who are mean.
The kindness of God leads people to repent. Be kind to those who are unkind instead of retaliating. (Romans 2:4)

This should be the beginning to every practical application of Scripture.
Praise first.
Ask Him to fill and control you.
Do it!